my secret to long hair.


It just so happened that I was thinking about hair. I know- the vanity is real guys. Here’s the thing: I always had long, thick hair and I never knew what a blessing that was until my body started to act a bit weird and thought it was a good idea to throw out some hair. I basically lost a lot more hair than usual for over two months. And the other thing is, I cut it short one year ago because (long haired people will understand this) because I was always wondering what it would look like.


And even if I don’t regret cutting it. After a few months, I wanted my long hair back so I started looking into natural supplements. And because of some friends, I got into taking grape seed extract for health reasons and after some time I got into MMS (it is organic sulfur that naturally occurs in fruit and vegetables).

I also took minerals, but they didn’t contribute to my hairs growing like crazy, I just took them against hair loss because of mineral deficiencies.

Well, guess what. My hair grew about 20cm in one year (I cut it several times because of the dead blond ends).

MMS is very affordable and can be found on Amazon… It makes your hair grow incredibly fast.

Grape seed extract (OPC)  is proven to multiply the hair follicles (that's at least what I read). It also made my skin baby soft. Grape seed extract is a very powerful antioxidant.

I don’t want to go into too much detail on how they work because there is a ton of information on websites and blogs. You can also check the Amazon reviews.

I can’t say that I have more hair follicles than before because I don’t know how to prove that and I always had much hair anyways so it’s hard to tell the difference. But I definitely noticed that my hair is growing really fast from supplementing MSM.

When growing my hair, I tried to keep it all at one length, so the ends would not break.

Grape seed extract is also quite affordable and it is not just beneficial for your hair, it is doing your overall health more than good . It is one of the strongest Antioxidants and multiplies the effect of other vitamins when combined. My skin is far more soft and fresh looking than before because it increases the skin's elasticity and moisture levels…It works wonders. 

Are there „Side effects“?

You should slowly increase the intake of MSM since it helps with detoxing your body and can lead to severe detox symptoms when used in high quantities.  if you take too much it could break you out for example.

The only „side effects“ I experienced from taking MMS was my body's hair growing as well.  And that was not a pleasant discovery. I mean you can’t blame your body for not properly localizing your hair growth preferences but… know, I thought you should know.

The supplements also do not taste very nice so if you can’t stand harsh flavors, capsules could be an option for you.


Love Ifanwy

P.S: let me know if you ever tried them.