letting go or loosing heart.


I wrote this text some weeks ago and I have some catching up to do on this blog. I hope you don't mind being bombarded by poetry, music and a little bit of chaos. 


"I am kind of torn between heartbroken and still waiting for a miracle. But you cannot suppress the truth for too long. The truth that you know deep down in your heart you don’t want someone to be perfect but someone who can acknowledge their wrongdoing. You don’t want someone to cage you in but you need them you too be present. You cannot lower your standards to keep them close... because eventually, your heart will break into tears of accusations ... and you knew this was gonna happen...you cannot force your heart to not tolerate something that makes you feel less of yourself. At the end you will be standing in front of the same decision you chose to ignore when it all started -and if the answer still means war with your yourself, it will catch up with you weeks from now and ask you again: is it gonna be letting go or losing heart.  Somewhere along the way, we try to change the person we are holding onto, but we went into this eyes open ... if someone doesn’t meet your you at the core of your values.... someone needs to change and sad part is we cannot ask for it. Because you don’t try to change people you love."